Save on your shipping fee with our consolidation service

If you want to buy on a European website but no option is available for shipping to Japan...
We will help you with our Package forwarding service.

Packages from multiple shops can be consolidated and shipped to you as one package directly to your door!

Steps to delivery

Buy your favorite products with these simple steps



When completing an online order on a European retail website, enter the address of DogComesFirst as the shipping address.



When the goods arrive at DogComesFirst, we check if every item is in good condition.


Shipping fee

We inform you of the arrival of the items and discuss the shipping options.



After the reception of your payment, we send the package to your address.



Depending on the shipping options, the package arrives within 1-2 weeks of shipping.



Customs duties may apply depending on the package contents.

Usage fee

Our total usage fee includes the handling and international shipping fees.

Transfer service

Weight International shipping cost Transfer fee
Up to 2kg € 24,30 € 10,00
2 - 5kg € 34,30 € 15,00
5 - 10kg € 58,30 € 30,00
10 - 20kg € 105,30 € 30,00
  • International shipping cost is the shipping charge from the Netherlands using PostNL.
  • The transfer fee will be charged for each delivery.

Consolidation fee

Type Consolidation fee
Processing fee for the first package € 3,00
Additional fee for each package starting with the second package € 3,00
  • If you buy products from different stores, we will send them together in one package.

Proxy shopping service fee (optional)

We can "shop on your behalf" for products in the Netherlands.

Product price Proxy shopping service fee
Over € 30 20% of the product price
Up to € 30 € 6
  • * If you use multiple shops, the consolidation fee will be charged.


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