We will walk your dog while you take your time enjoying the city

If you selected a park or a beach we will take your dog to the destination of your choice.

Highly recommended for...

People who like to spend time

  • Visiting museums
  • Sitting in a restaurant
  • Having any other indoor activity

Such places may not allow dogs. You cannot take your dog with you, but you feel bad leaving him alone in a hotel room he doesn't know.

We can help!
We will meet you at your convenience so that you can reunite with your dog as soon as you finish your activities.


Service area

The Netherlands

  • Additional transportation fees may be charged.
  • Please contact us in advance to confirm that our staff can be in the area of your choice in time.



Service charge

  • 2 hours / 80 euros (excluding VAT)
  • Extra 20 euros per dog if you have more than two (excluding VAT)
  • Please consult with us if the dog-sitting time should exceed 3 hours.

Transportation fees

The exact fee will depend on the service area and will be detailed in the quotation.

How to book

5 Steps

  1. Applications will be accepted 60 days before the date you wish to use the service.
    Please fill the form at the bottom of the page.

    • name and email
    • the dog-sitting area, date and time
    • the number of dogs

    We will contact you as soon as possible.

  2. We will let you know if the service is available in the area you selected and send you the quotation. Please confirm the booking.

  3. You will soon receive our invoice and payment request for the 10 euros booking fee. We recommend paying with Paypal.

  4. Once the payment has been confirmed, we will contact you by email to schedule our meeting. Please pay the remaining balance when you meet our staff for the dog-sitting walk.

  5. From then on, you can relax, knowing that your dogs will enjoy the trip as well.

Extra Time

If you are late to pick up your dog, an additional full hour will be charged.

Cancellation Policy

We require 2 days cancellation notice prior to the scheduled meeting, otherwise, we will not refund the 10 euros booking fee.